Open Road event to reinvent



To take a group or association in Australia with a negative public image and create an event and promotional material to address and reinvent those perceptions. Hells Angels has a violent and intimidating public image which has resulted in strict new laws against patch wearers and bike enthusiasts in Australia over the last few years. By creating an event that addresses male mental illness, violence, and substance abuse the group could be presented as a socially aware responsible bike group with a love of their craft.

  • Modern
  • Adaptive of existing Hell Angels event material 
  • Friendly


The Open Road meditation retreat supports men with criminal histories who suffer from mental illness and substance abuse by helping them stay on track, detox and reintegrate back into day to day life. The retreat offers a comfortable opportunity to explore individual psychological help, family counselling, mediation, yoga and general healthy living.  The retreat is funded by The Hells Angels organisation in an effort to support their community and their peers. I have created a promotional poster, website, and uniforms for the retreat. By combining a calm but strong colour palette and hand done icons and textures I have incorporated elements of current Hells Angels promotional material for a modern health centre.